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Land & Housing Statistics

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Provide housing for 15% of all households

LH provided homes to 2.9 million households, 15% of the national total of 19.56 million households, including 2.7 million newly-built public housing units and 1.03 million rental houses, (including 260,000 rental houses purchased or rented by LH for sublease.)

  • Construction of 2.7 million
  • Public housing units
Build cities whose combined size is 80 percent of Seoul

In order to ease urban overcrowding and stabilize land and housing prices, LH built cities whose combined size is a total of 465 square kilometers, including 172 square kilometers in new towns and 293 square kilometers of residential land and urban development.

  • 465 square kilometers of
  • Urban Development
Expand industrial infrastructure and strengthen national competitiveness

LH has contributed to strengthening national competitiveness by leading the expansion of industrial infrastructure, including the construction of 198 square kilometers of industrial and logistics complexes (14.2% of the national total) and 44 square kilometers of free economic zones.

  • 242 square kilometers of
  • industrial infrastructure
Diffuse overcrowding in the Seoul metropolitan area

LH is leading the development of regional characteristics by spearheading the construction of Sejong City (73 square kilometers) as an administrative city.

  • Development of regional characteristics
  • Sejong City 73 square kilometers
Lead balanced regional development

LH has led the win win development of the Seoul metropolitan area and provinces by building regional economic hub cities, including the nine innovative cities (34square kilometers) in as many provinces.

  • 34 square kilometers of
  • Nine innovative cities
Smart Cities

Based on its accumulated know how in developing new towns, LH is exporting Korean style smart new towns to foreign countries

  • Exporting Korean style
  • Smart Cities

About LH

LH was founded to provide the people of Korea with
land and housing that meets their needs.


All of LH’s projects are for the people.
From housing welfare to national policy projects,
LH has a diversity of approaches to help people have better lives.

International Projects

LH is creating a better future by broadening
Korea’s economic horizons.