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LH K-Smart City Master

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LH Smart City Promotion Video (Master) As the city’s dawn wakes the world
I take time to concentrate on myself, in a healthy morning that invigorates my life.
The city system concentrates on people,
allowing anyone to share and enjoy the city’s resources.
The Smart home system to make special moments even more special
Our everyday life becomes richer with a Smart home that thinks of our life patterns and energy.
We develop technology to connect objects and people for a more efficient educational environment, in which our children learn to dream big.
The Smart education creates a world where equal learning opportunities are given The city prepares for a healthier aging society.
Data analysis algorithm, robots, healthcare systems based on AI,
personalized medical services using ICT technology all contributes to a better family life.
A city where energy is self-sufficient with new renewable energy.
A city that keeps everyone safe with Intelligent Transport System
All this evolves to change our everyday life,
shaping the standard of happiness.
The city innovation made together,
this is the Korean Smart City
Platform for Innovation, Smart City made together.

International Business

International Business

  • Kuwait South Saad AI Abdullah Smart City
  • Vietnam Hung Yen Industrial City Detailed Planning for
    the Huong Riverside and a Pilot Project
  • Myanmar Korea-Myanmar Industrial Complex
  • India Kalyan Dombivil Smart City
  • Bolivia Santa Cruz New Town
  • Cambodia Establishment of master plan for Sihanoukville
  • Colombia Master plan for a new airport city
  • Sri Lanka Master plan for Colombo science & technology complex

International Cooperation


Flag of Kuwait
  • Project nameSouth Saad AI Abdullah New Town
  • Location30Km west from Kuwait City Center
  • Size64.5Km² ($4billon, 25,000~40,000units)
  • Korea’s role(LH) PMC, Service contract management, Setting
    up structured finance for investment(Korean company)
    Master plan, Detailed design service performance
  • Kuwait image
  • Kuwait image2
  • Kuwait image3
South Saad AI Abdulah Smart City
South Saad AI Abdulah Smart City - AI Sabriyah , Madinat AI Hareer, South AI Mutlaa, Nawaf AI Ahmad, An Naayim Eco Town, Kuwait City South Saad AI-Abdullah


Flag of India
  • Project nameKalyan Dombivli Smart City
  • LocationKalyan Dombivli(MH state Thane District)
  • Size2.65㎢(1st Phase)
  • Korea’s role(LH) Project Management : CM, Financing, Marketing, etc
    (Korean company) Master plan, Detailed design service performance
  • India image
  • India image2
Kalyan Dombivli Smart City
Indea - Kalyan Dombivli Smart City: Project Site


Flag of Bolivia
  • Project nameSouth Cruz New Town
  • Location15Km Noth-east from Santa Cruz City Center
  • Size54Km ($3billom, 128,000units)
  • Korea’s role(LH) Project Management : CM, Financing, Marketing, etc
    (korean company) Mastar plan, Detailed design service performance
  • Bolivia image
  • Bolivia image2
Santa Cruz New Town
Bolivia Santa Cruz New Town image


Flag of Vietnam
  • LocationHung Yen Province, Vietnam (Ly Thuong Kiet, Hung Yen Province, located 30km to the southeast of Hanoi)
  • SizeParticipation in approximately 7.8million ㎡ out of 29.7 million ㎡

    * 1.4 million m2 for Korea-Vietn Economic cooperative industrial park, 3 million ㎡ for industrial park No.1 and 3.4 million ㎡ for urban cluster.

  • Project DetailsDevelopment of a mixed-use industrial city where industry, logistics, and housing are all mixed together
Vietnam image1
Industrial City in Hung Yen
Vietnam image2


Flag of Vietnam
  • LocationGia Lam, Hanoi(Located 13km from Downtown Hanoi)
  • Size60ha (approximately 0.6 million㎡)
  • Project DetailsConstruction of a residential complex and Social Housing
Vietnam image1
Hanoi Social Housing
Vietnam image2


Flag of Russia
  • LocationWithin the Nadezdhinsky ASEZ, Primorsky Krai, Russia
  • Size50ha
  • Project Details2020 ~ 2023
Vietnam image1
Korea-Russia Economic Cooperation Industrial Complex in Primorsky Krai
Vietnam image2


Flag of Malaysia
  • LocationKota Kinabalu, Malaysia
  • Size693ha
  • Project Details1. Resolve urban issues and creat a decent urban environment
    2. Maximize reputation as marine
    3. Creat a Sustainable growth engine
Vietnam image1
Smart City in Kota Kinabalu
Vietnam image2